Michael Paige

Michael answered the call to adventure by saying yes the hero's journey in 2014 by moving from the East Coast to the best coast. In search of freedom, love and golden beach sunsets, he quickly adapted to the Cali vibes becoming a certified yoga instructor and learning the "Raindrop Technique," from Young Living. He's also owner of his newly launched company, Elevated Awareness, and has found a passion for optimizing his vitality while giving premier healing experiences to the community.

"The Freedom Activation Massage Experience that I offer to clients was inspired by Young living's Raindrop Technique with use of essential oils along the feet and spine to release bacteria and support the body's natural healing process while balancing spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. I'm continuously developing my toolkit that I offer from my experience as a yoga instructor, trades with other healers, and ongoing continued education in my self mastery path. Prior and post healing session is time to connect on needs, desires and reflections, which allow us to co-create an intuitive flow for the experience. The plethora of tools that can be used includes setting an individual and group intention before the massage, the use of the inversion table, mental and emotional release techniques, NLP, chakra clearing and balancing, toning, yoga stretches, pressure points and meridian line activations, vita flex technique, breath work, guided meditations, basic Thai massage and Lomi-Lomi elbows, deep tissue release, reiki, essential oils and a hot compress at the end. I am also open to adding customizing based on what you absolutely love or are desiring to experience during our healing session."

Michael studied Recreational Management at Ithaca College. He happily lives in Encinitas, California. He loves to hike, camp, travel and share in adventures with good friends. He also offers peaceful outdoor Raindrop sessions in his sunny backyard.

"I LOVED my raindrop session with Mike. It was beneficial for me on many levels. Mike's presence is so welcoming that I felt very at ease with him. I was able to relax into my massage which was very potent and healing for me. Mike uses a balance of strength and grace to move through his massage melting knots away. For fun, we measured my height before and after our session and I grew measurably! I highly recommend you treat yourself and your loved ones to some time with Mike." — From Taryn M. of Carlsbad, CA

"Absolute NIRVANA! Mike is by far the best and most comprehensive body worker and energy healer I've ever experienced. His unique blend of healing modalities paired with the delicious Raindrop essential oils and the Goddess massage has me still blissed out days later. Whether you're looking for a profound shift in the mental, or a physical release in the body and emotions, this young Jedi Knight is your man. Not only does he use his intuitive gifts to get to the root of your intention BEFORE he even starts the body work, but he honors everything about the intimacy of such profound work. I have never felt more comfortable with anyone and can't say THANK YOU enough. When he was working on the insertion points on my neck, it was as if a crystal spiderweb literally shattered in my jaw... I seriously heard it crack thru whatever blockage he released, but when he was working on my arms and legs it was as if super strong butterflies were giving me a Thai massage, and when he worked on my ribs he skillfully rolled out my facia enabling me to breath more easily with the beautiful dance he was performing on my body, mind and spirit. And yes I was nearly an inch taller afterwards. This guy is seriously addicting in the best possible way. Do yourself a favor and go for both the raindrops and massage to experience the totality of such a loving yogic soul. My little light bows to yours Michael Paige in deepest gratitude." —Sue W of San Diego, CA

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