Last Circle

I just really wish I could find a way to relax at our monthly Reiki Circle. πŸ˜‚Thank you, Leslie E. Miller, for another wonderful evening of self-care, crystal magic (Spessartite Garnet!), and empowering energy exchange. Raeann R. Rodriguez, your guided meditation was awesome. I needed my shades for the sparky crystal cave. Love you guys. Appreciate your good vibes. I can only imagine what will happen a year from now (see cards). πŸ™Œ

More about Spessartite Garnet! First, it's sparkly and beautiful, and I love that deep red, burnt orange color range in which they come. So, what's this crystal all about? This particular kind of garnet heightens creative energy and encourages taking action toward the achievement of our dreams. The stone brings confidence, fulfillment, happiness, and stability. It also eliminates fear, promotes optimism, brings business success and abundance as well as enhances analytical thought processes. It can be used to ward off nightmares too!

I've since learned this was the last in our two year series of Reiki Circles. Onto more and new exciting things for all of us, so another big thanks to Leslie and all who have attended over the last two years. It may be the end of one era, but the beginning of another! 

Setting Intentions

Just setting intentions for August over here, People. Smoky Quartz for grounding, Citrine for Abundance, and Rose Quartz for love and self-love. What are your favorites? Are you setting intentions today? How? Oh, and the stump is doing a great job of representing faith if you didn't notice! πŸ™Œ πŸ’— πŸ™ πŸ’— πŸ™Œ

The Art of Imperfection

Team, you know what I love about crystals? Besides the therapeutic uses and the scientifically measurable frequencies and all the ancient information out there about how people have used them for centuries to support the body's natural healing process and focus their intentions on manifesting what they want? Well, besides all those things...picking out crystals for me is an exercise in IMPERFECTION. I need this. 

I'm a still recovering perfectionist and we all know that perfectionism gets in the way of progress and abundance, so I've been working hard on this the last couple years, and while some books and talks have been amazing to help me let go and embrace the lovely imperfect mess that is life, I've found that selecting crystals helps! How? Well, crystals are never perfect, so you have to let go of finding perfect. Crystals are also a lot more interesting and beautiful if they HAVE imperfections that bring in light, depth, sparkles and rainbows. 

Budget also often dictates what you kind of beautiful thing you can afford. So maybe you see a gorgeous crystal point but the base is uneven, so do you wait until you find one four times the price that is a free-standing masterpiece? No, you can always get that fancier version later, but for now, get that imperfect point AND the dang velvet bean bag to go with it, then prop it up and ENJOY that stunner b/c all it needed was a little help to stand on its own. Don't we all? Shouldn't we all see the lovely imperfections in ourselves and others and give them a chance to sparkle? Help them to create the right conditions for it?

As a leader, I don't want you to do things the way I do them. I've experienced that kind of pressure in business before, and I've never found it helpful. While I must admit I've held on too tight as a result of working an extremely detail-oriented job before this (I've since let go to let things flow), I've never wanted anyone here to just follow me or what I do because I know you are all different and will do better if you are just being the best you! This is why I'm always sharing posts from other leaders. I want you to pull inspiration from anyone who resonates with you, and while not everything they say will work w/ you either (b/c you are uniquely you and need to find your own path and your own way of doing things that will speak best to your friends and team!), my advice is always the same: take what you need from each person, and leave the rest at the door. 

Collect inspiration like crystals. Each has its purpose, quality AND imperfection that can be enjoyed as an advantage. We are all different and should honor that. We are all cracked up crystals in need of just the right light to bring out our sparkle, and as leaders, it's our job to see the unique gifts and talents in each team member and encourage them to find their way of doing things that makes them shine even brighter.

He is RISEN!

Happy Easter. What a lovely day and a beautiful time of year. It's all about Renewal today. Renewal of life, love, and spirit, and that starts with connecting to our hearts. This is rhodochrosite for your heart chakra. These ones are polished and shaped into eggs (perfect for Easter) but they come in all sizes and organic shapes. Encourages self-love and supports deep emotional healing. Meditate with a rhodochrosite crystal (place it on or hold it close to your heart) and focus on releasing old trauma energy and healing past wounds from childhood to bring back joy into your life! On that note, a drop of Joy essential oil blend on your heart (with some Orange layered on top for natural mood boost!) would be the perfect complement!

Divine Timing

Surround yourself with people who love you, believe in you, and will always have your back. Forget anyone who doesn't "see" you and all of your potential to do great things. Look for those who will be there for you while you walk in the valley and cheer you on as you climb back up the mountain.

My mom just sent me this card. She got it for me 20 years ago when I started my first real job in PR at Blanc & Otus in SF in 1997. But, she lost it somewhere in the house before she could mail it, so she figured she'd find and send it to me once I made my next big leap. When I moved back to my hometown of SD to take a position with The Townsend Agency in 1999, my mom had moved too and couldn't find the card, but thought I'm sure it will turn up before Tisha makes her next leap. When I opened my own PR practice, that card still eluded my mom, but she knew I'd continue to do great things. In 2014, seventeen years after my mom bought the card, I discovered Young Living, and she thought maybe I should just buy a new card. πŸ˜Š Three years later, now in 2017 (20 years later!), as I prepare to launch a mindful practice incorporating oils, energy work and online courses, she found the card and knew it was divine timing, a sign that my life's work is coming together in magical ways.

I wish for each and everyone of you today and everyday to build your dream team of friends, family and mentors who will raise you up, cheer you on, and challenge you to raise the bar, and be your best self to inspire and empower as many people as possible who will keep paying it forward. But you have to believe in and love yourself first. πŸ’—

New Sacred Space

Ok, I've been saying for a month now I'm so excited to share with you what I'm up to. Well, here it is. My sacred space for in-person and online classes focused on the intersection of oils, energy work and manifesting abundance. This is a room specifically designed for intention-setting. It's for my clients, team members and others who are ready and willing to do the work to elevate their lives from health, wellness and balance--mind, body and spirit--to personal, professional and financial growth. If you're remote, that's ok, I will be holding live video classes and offering other online courses, which will soon be revealed. Will I be doing private Reiki sessions? Yes, but only on a very select basis as I'll mainly be teaching you to do this on yourself and how to incorporate energy work into your daily lives and businesses with the goal of empowering as many people as possible. But it all starts with you. You have to be ready and willing to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone to realize your potential. Are you not worth that? Yes, I believe you are. So, this is it. The culmination of three amazing years of growth, education, and certifications, and now I'm ready to share it with a broader audience. If you are ready to make some serious changes and step into your own power, comment below and I'll be sure you're notified as classes and other online courses are introduced.