Hi. I'm Tisha Dore. I'm an Intuitive Reiki Master, Energy Worker, and Leader with Young Living (essential oils) and Richway (amethyst biomats). I'm certified in aromatherapy and crystal healing, which I've incorporated into my practice. Here, the goal is to connect, educate and empower you—my clients—and introduce you to an entire community of gifted leaders, team members and other trained professionals whom I love and trust. 


My story (the Cliff Notes version) is that I've been an intuitive my entire life. I connect with spirit and intuitively read people. For many years, I was afraid to allow this into my life, but the truth is, it was always there and I've become infinitely more empowered since embracing my gifts and talents. After many years of denying my abilities and having them get in the way of friendships, relationships and work (because they will not be denied!), I found Young Living, and my entire world opened up to so many other healing modalities.

Discovering the power of essential oils and an amazing community of people—many just like myself—was life-changing. For the first time, my passion over-powered my social anxiety (a bi-product of being an empath who is sensitive to other people's energy). I didn't care where I had to go or how many people I had to be around, I was obsessed with learning about the therapeutic benefits of the oils and why they so positively impacted me—mind, body and spirit. This led me to study crystals, meditation, and energy work, and after three years of educating others on these holistic methods and how they all work together so beautifully for physical, emotional and spiritual support, I discovered Richway Biomats that use far infrared technology and amethysts to promote deep relaxation and (much like the oils!) aid in the body's natural healing process. What a perfect complement!

This awakening has had a profound effect on my life. It led me to pursue my Reiki training as well as certifications in aromatherapy and crystal healing, and ultimately, the launch of a mindful practice incorporating oils, energy work and classes designed to help others step into their power because we all have it, and are meant to live purposeful lives filled with love, beauty and abundance. I'm honored to educate, support and intuitively guide clients in the comfort of my sacred space, which amplifies my focus on empowering people and encouraging self-care. Here, you can also learn about my favorite tools that can help you to become more mindful about your healing, and personal and professional growth too.

My workshops ranging from releasing emotional patterns and discovering your intuitive gifts to harnessing the power of aromatherapy, crystals, and meditation and even making your own mala beads or crystal grid, are now open for scheduling (reserve your spot here). Private sessions including energy work and intuitive guidance as well as Reiki Training are also available (book on the services page). Online courses will launch soon, stay tuned! 

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